The Social

  •   Dues:   $175/month​

  •   Food Minimum:  $100/month

  • *Locker Room Fee: $50/year

  •   Pool Cabana Reservations: 1 per family

  •   Amenities: All other amenities are pay as you go.

Full Golf

  •   Dues:   $475/month​

  •   Food minimum:  $100/month

  • *Locker room: Included

  •   Pool Cabana Reservations:1 per family

  •   Amenities: Driving Range, GHIN

Registration, Locker Rental, bag storage, walking trail, hole in one, and tournament fund.

*Locker room amenities include shoe service and access to the fitness room. Red Tail's fitness center provides a well rounded array of exercise equipment including treadmills, ellipticals, spin & recumbent bicycles, cable-pull equipment and free weights. After hours access fobs are available for a one time $50 fee. One-on-one Pilates classes are available to schedule.