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"We shape our buildings;

  thereafter they shape us."

Winston Churchill

We have worked closely with the developer of Grande Esplanade for several years and we're excited to announce that we are ready to launch sales for the westside's next luxury community! With 37 homesites, each starting at 3,500sq ft, this community located in Avon will boast water features, lights, and custom amenities that will create a resort-like atmosphere that isunparalleled in Cleveland. Click below for more info about these custom home opportunities. 

Meet the Builder

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We have worked with Mastercraft for over 10 years now and we believe that building beautiful custom homes with honesty and integrity is the hallmark of what they do. Bret Tidwell takes pride in not just building a home for his clients but creating a relationship that they can depend on. Click below to learn more about Mastercraft and their building team.

Meet the Builder

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We have worked alongside the developer of Red Tail for many years, and we're now in the final phases. Located on a beautiful championship golf course in Avon, it offers a wide variety of homes spanning over 20 years of building. Phases 14, 15 & 16 are currently the last opportunity to build in this community. Click below to see if there are any sites left.

Rough Infastructure

2 - 3 months

Drywall & Masonary

1 - 2 months

Foundation & Framing

3 -  4 months

Phase 5

Phase 4

Phase 3

Phase 2

Phase 1

Basic Building Timeline

Tile & Trim

2 -  3 months

Paint & Flooring

2 -  3 months

Final Infastructure

2 -  3 months

Phase 6

Final Inspections

1 month

Phase 7

Punch List

1 year later

Phase 8

"buy land, they aren't making it anymore."

- mark twain

Listing Agent/New Construction


John Chandler


Marketing Manager/Buyer's Agent

~heather  chandler~

Deb Chandler

Team Leader/Buyer's & Seller's Agent


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